Portraits “En Blanc”
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Are you afraid of wearing white? Women tell me all the time that they don’t look good in white, and that may be true in “real life”, but I think it looks fabulous in photos. I love styling “en blanc” photos for my clients–they wear all white and they’re posed in front of a white backdrop. They’re gorgeous portraits!

If you don’t have anything white in your wardrobe, pop in to your local consignment store and pick up a gorgeous piece for your next photoshoot. I found these beautiful dresses at Revolve Consignment in Issaquah, Washington. They’re both designer dresses and my bill came to $40 for both! Personally, I would avoid anything with blue undertones. I always prefer white with creamy, warm undertones.

If you’re still skeptical, just consider this: If white is such a lousy color, why do 99 percent of brides choose? Just sayin’!

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